spreads  Aloifes 

Our traditional spreads are served with grilled artisan pita bread and an assortment of crudités.

Single Spread Or Spread Trio

TZATZIKI (yogurt, cucumber and garlic)
TARAMA (cod roe and potato)
SPICED FETA  (whipped feta and peppers)
SKORDALIA (whipped potato and garlic)
HUMMUS (puréed chickpea and tahini)
MELITZANOSALATA (puréed eggplant and tahini)


CALAMARI Kalamarakia
Corn meal-crusted, flash-fried domestic calamari. Basil aioli
OCTOPUS Oktapodi
Sashimi grade Spanish octopus, fava, shaved onion, capers, sundried tomato vinaigrette
Phyllo dough pouches stuffed with baby spinach, leeks, herbs, feta cheese, yogurt-feta mouse
SESAME FETA Feta Sousami
Sesame-encrusted Arachova feta, tomato marmalade
Hand-rolled dolmades stuffed with quinoa, rice, apricots and herbs. Tahini-lemon sauce
FRIED CHEESE Saganaki Kefalograviera
Kefalograviera flambé, grape preserves
MUSSELS Mydia Achnista
Steamed with shallots, tomato, garlic and Masticha liquor


Kumato tomato, Cretean cucumbers, sliced red onion, cubanelle pepper, Kalamata olives, Arachova feta, Greek evoo
GREEN Parsini
Baby kale, romaine, garden herbs, scallions, green olives, crumbled manouri cheese, lemon vinaigrette
BEET Pantzaria
Pickled heirloom beets, potato-garlic purée, arugula, shaved fennel, scallions, dill, pine nuts, pomegranate vinaigrette

whole fish on the grill

We invite you to visit our fresh seafood display case in order to select your choices from the daily Balos bounty. All whole fish choices are offered with your selection of side from the options listed below.

20 oz BRANZINO Lavraki
Delicate, white flesh with a mild, sweet flavor
20 oz ROYAL DORADO Tsipoura


SALMON Solomos
Grilled Faroe Islands salmon, spinach and rice pilaf, lemon-evoo emulsion, sundried tomato, artichoke pesto
Enjoy with a glass of white: Moschofilero
LAMB CHOPS* Paidakia
Marinated and cooked to order. Parsnip-potato purée, roasted root vegetables. Minted lemon-evoo emulsion
Enjoy with a glass of red: Xinomavro
CHICKENKotopoulo Pisto
½ all-natural pan seared chicken, fresh herbs, oven-roasted lemon potatoes, haricot vert, natural jus
Enjoy with a glass of white: Moschofilero
RIBEYE* Brizola Sharas
20 oz prime, grilled to order. Braised fresh green beans, Greek fries, fig-wine demi
Enjoy with a glass of red: Agiorgitiko
Layered eggplant, potato and seasoned chopped sirloin, topped with béchamel sauce. Garnish of Greek village salad
Enjoy with a glass of red: Xinomavro
ORZOTTO (VG) Giouvetsi Me Laxanika
Orzo pasta with spinach, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, Greek evoo and feta cheese
Enjoy with a glass of white: Aidani
FILLET MIGNON* Moshari Fileto
8 oz Angus prime, grilled to order. Haricot vert, Mavrodaphne port glaze
Enjoy with a glass of red: Xinomavro


LEMON POTATOES Patates Lemonates
Idaho potatoes roasted with lemon, garlic and oregano
GREEK FRIES Patates Tiganites
Hand-cut Idaho potatoes, crumbled feta and dried Greek mountain oregano
SPINACH RICE Spanakorizo
Baby spinach, rice, leeks and herbs
Oven-roasted in light tomato sauce with fresh herbs and evoo
Braised seasonal greens (ask your server)
*Please ask your server about gluten free or vegetarian options. Please notify your server of food allergies before ordering. Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, shellfish or eggs increase the risk of foodborne illness.